New Jersey kids can’t wait to get back to full day learning.

Families – LET US KNOW – as your child/children head back to school this year, what is your biggest concern?


The past year has been full of changes for students and parents alike. As your child heads back to school this year, we know how imperative it is to ensure their needs are being met.

Here is a checklist of questions that schools and districts across the state need to answer:

New Jersey School Districts Have Solutions

Promising practices can be found in leading districts across our state. Learn more about these New Jersey best practices here!

Additional Resources

Below are some additional resources you and your child can use for support from our partner organizations to start the school year off strong.

“Dear Teacher” Letter

This personalized letter introduces your family to your child’s new teacher so they can best support them from the start of the school year.

Parent/Teacher Planning Tool

This online tool shares information with your child’s teacher about his or her unique needs.

Family Guides to Learning

These Family Guides provide parents and caregivers with the information and tools they need to support their children academically.

Guías Familiares

Estas Guías Familiares brindan a los padres y los proveedores de cuidado la información y las herramientas que necesitan para apoyar académicamente a sus hijos.

Math Check-Ups

These 10-Second Math Check-Ups are just that: a quick, fun way to find out if your child is ready on the most critical skills – without taking a test.

Readiness Check

Using this tool, you can gauge your child’s progress in key reading and math skills (K-8th grade).

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

New Jersey Teachers Can’t Wait!

Click below to hear what these teachers can’t wait for this fall.

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#NJKidsCantWait was launched by JerseyCAN with one goal in mind: to put students’ needs first to ensure they are healthy, supported, and learning in the best environment possible.

We believe that:

Every parent’s voice matters.

Parents want and deserve greater understanding of how their kids are learning and being supported.

School districts need to provide meaningful updates to families on how students are doing.

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