Questions for Parents to Consider

The past year has been full of changes for students and parents alike – and all parents want to be sure that their children get back on track as we start the new school year.

As your child heads back to school this year, here are some key questions you can raise as needed during the first month students are back:

  • When is my child’s school going to measure my child’s academic needs this year?
  • What are the expectations around homework this year?
    • If my child is struggling with homework, how can I work with his/her teacher on a plan?
    • If my child is flying through homework, can his/her teacher provide enrichment work?
  • When will I be updated on my child’s reading level this year?
    • Are there guided readers available in the classroom?
    • Can my child’s teacher make recommendations re: the best books for her level?
  • What diagnostic information has my school gathered so far on reading level/math competency?
  • When will Start Strong or any additional diagnostic tools be administered? And when will I get the results?
  • What are some stretch goals for my child?
  • Who can I speak to if my child is struggling with academics?
  • Who can I speak to if my child is struggling with mental health?
  • What are the learning platforms that are available at home for practicing these skills and goals outlined above?
  • What is my child’s school doing in regards to COVID-19 protocols and safety?
  • What tools/curriculum are being used this year to measure and address my child’s social and emotional needs and abilities?

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